Your share of 3000 quid is waiting

Fancy winning your share of £3000? Ask a silly question!
But, the opportunity to do this is coming your way very shortly at Cyber Bingo.
Welcome to the £3000 Summer Sizzler — a huge 75-25 Swedish bingo game taking
place on July 15. Start prebuying your tickets now because the winnings are


Get a full house to win £1500, get four lines to win £700.
Cover three lines to win £500, cover two lines to win £200, and cover one line
to win £100. Yes! You have done your maths correctly, because it’s a grand
total of £3000.


If you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo yet and you want to
join the fun, register today for £30 free. Once you register, you will get
entry into a wonderful world of 75 ball and 90 ball Internet bingo, amazing
slot games, brilliant chat specials plus the opportunity to win huge amount of
cash. Cyber Bingo have been established for 15 years making us one of the
oldest Internet bingo sites of all time. So, we must be doing something right!


Oh yes, it’s all going on at Cyber Bingo, and the
opportunity to win £3000 is not to be sniffed at.

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Gary Beal

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