Your lesson in Cyber Bingo starts here

One of the things that the Cyber Bingo Blogger always hears about Cyber Bingo, is that it is the perfect place for people who have never played Internet bingo before to start up.  That’s because at Cyber Bingo, we have a fantastic list of frequently asked questions, and comprehensive instructions on how to play.

So, if you have never played 75 or 90 ball bingo before, you will find it all at Cyber Bingo.  And, you may be surprised to know that 75 ball bingo is the American variety — it’s a pattern-based game.

And then, there is a whole world of slot games at Cyber Bingo, but if you have never played anything as exotic as Video Poker, do not worry because all the instructions are here for you.  Some of our slot games are tricky too — I love learning how to play them — first of all with small wagers while I get to grips with the machine, and then I increase the amount gradually, once I am more confident.

It’s all here at but the first thing I must tell you is that when you register, there is a £30 free bingo bonus waiting for you after you deposit a tenner.  Hooray for free bingo cash! Then go to the lobby, and look under the How to Play, and you will find everything you possibly need to help you on your way.

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