You need to wrap up warm when you play here

Fancy going to Alaska? Then you need to get to Cyber Bingo where you could be doing just that. That’s because Cyber Bingo are giving away a sensational £20,000 in prizes, with the top spot being a cruise to Alaska with £2000 spending cash.

The game is a 75-25 Swedish bingo coverall and it plays on August 6. The prize line-up sensational. Cover four lines to win £4000, cover three lines to win £3000. Cover two lines and you will be walking away £2000, and cover one line and you will walk away with £1000.

It’s one of the biggest and best prizes in the whole of Cyber Bingo history, and if you want a slice of that, you need to join Cyber Bingo today.

Register today for a £1 no deposit bonus and then a £30 deposit match. Cyber Bingo is 15 years old and is therefore one of the most trusted Internet bingo sites in the world. We offer a fantastic variety of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, not to mention sensational prizes. Good luck in winning the holiday to Alaska, you will need to wrap up warm.

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Gary Beal

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