You can be the one helping us make it to a 1bn

CyberBingo was first established in 1996, making it one of the largest online bingo sites around. Jackpots are absolutely massive… in fact, CyberBingo already awarded more than $900million in prizes.

Check out what some of our happy winners had to say and head straight to CyberBingo for some fun-tastic bingo, arcade and casino games – you might also be the one helping us make it to a 1bn 😉 Enjoy!

Exotica 8: “THANK YOU CYBERBINGO What a wonderful surprise it was to get the last 3 numbers. O63 shall always be my favorite personal number. I was so excited, I remember nothing of how many numbers were called. All I remember was when O63 was on the screen and the card went Red. I was shaking so badly and of course the thought flashed thru my mind that there will probably 25 winners. Than I looked at the winners and it was only me. I checked the account balance and there……… BOLD AS BRASS ……….. was a 10 in front of the balance left after buying my cards. What a wonderful Birthday Present. As I have told everyone who cared to listen, CYBERBINGO is the place to play. One doesn’t have to leave home to play bingo. Cyberbingo has made that possible. I only thought BIG WINS happened to other people. Not so. Cyberbingo proved my thought wrong. Big wins are possible for all who play at the Cyberbingo site. I will pay some bills and take a short,overdue vacation with the money. Once again, Thank you Cyberbingo and all the people who make it possible. Love you all”

MOMS: “WOW eeeeeeeeeeee Thank you so much CyberbBingo. $12,500.00 is the most I have ever won in my whole life. I was so excited I dreamed of this moment forever and knew exactly how I would go screaming through the house and dance around with my family and I’ll be danged if no one was home. But I went screaming through the house anyway and to the neighbors. (good thing they didn’t call 911 cuz they thought something was wrong I am not the type of neighbor that has ever done that lol. This neighbor had NEVER WON THIS AMOUNT OF MONEY) Thank you again CyberBingo from a proud member since 1996 and hope to be a member for a zillion more years, MOMS PS those same neighbors are over at my house asking how to sign up with CyberBingo!!”

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Gary Beal

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