Wonderful Words from a Winning Cyber Bingo Player

The Cyber Bingo Blogger loves it when people win at Cyber Bingo, and I also love to spread the good news. Three times a week at Cyber, you can participate in a £1 million coverall game. These take place every Monday and Wednesday at 10 PM, and also every Friday at 9:30 PM. One lucky Cyber Bingo player who won was roomie ‘nowman’ who won £1500 in a £1 million coverall game. Check what they had to say:

nowman (winning £1,500 in a Friday £1M Coverall)
“I am back! Had a great time and thought I must thank you for allowing me such an opportunity – but I could have spent the time polishing my own boots not Chicas! Joking! As for the photos well Chica is one shady lady and I believe her expression was something along the lines of hell will freeze over before you get photos of me in a bathing suit! Great big thumbs up to you all for allowing tongy and I a great holiday – thanks. PS can I go next year but without the dragon lady woops Chica lol”

Such nice words — join Cyber Bingo today and you could be on your way to winning a huge heap of cash. Internet bingo doesn’t get much better, does it?

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Gary Beal

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