Winners, Winners, Winners!

Loving CyberBingo is a must! CyberBingo makes sure you enjoy your stay plating and having fun! And we LOVE to give away prizes to all our special players :D..

Let me congratulate myself with the top 5 ranked players in the last week’s Casino Tourney.

  1. vickic13 £14,481
  2. nolly14 £6,703
  3. xxjos186xx £5,041
  4. tfd4726 £2,803
  5. Lykkeliten £2,682

As you definitely know, on-going we have our Easter Promotion. Check out our Leaderboard and get in with our First 50 players and enjoy your £100 !! Right now, we are looking forward to award another 40 players :D..

We treat every player in a special way. Keep on playing at Cyberbingo and win, win win! See you around CyberBingo Buddies.

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Gary Beal

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