Win 100 quid for just 10p

How would you like to win yourself a £100 jackpot every evening? Then you need to play Internet bingo at Cyber! Here is your exclusive invitation to our marvellous games which take place every day of the week. For just 10p a card, you could be winning a £100 guaranteed jackpot. You can either pre-buy, or get your eyes down at 8:45 PM sharp. All for 10p? I tell you what, in a world where prices are shooting up, it’s reassuring to find such cheap bingo tickets.

And, while you’re at it, how about entering yourself into the Cyber Team Bingo challenge. Every month, there are 1 million loyalty points (that works out as £1000,) up for grabs. Have you got what it takes to take on the other roomies and climb to the top of that leaderboard? It has been the site of some serious battles in the past couple of months, and August is hotting up to be scorcher too.

Register at Cyber Bingo today for your £30 bonus match and £1 free, and use that free pound to buy 10 tickets for the £100 game. That makes good sense, doesn’t it? Play today, and you could be a happy Cyber bingo winner.

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Gary Beal

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