Will you walk away with up to a 100K?

Who will be walking down our red carpet with up to a $100,000 this time? Last month’s event was so excited that we decided to repeat this massive game once again – and it’s coming up this week!

Join our Tourney Room this Saturday, June 25th as we will start off with three $1,000 Games at 8PM ET. Our $100K Coverall minimum $15K Game will then play at 11PM ET. We will be eagerly waiting for you so make sure you don’t miss it this time!

If you haven’t registered yet, CyberBingo will welcome you with a huge 500% Bonus as soon as you deposit any amount. You’ll then be able to take a chance to hit our massive jackpot as well.

And btw, if you’ can’t make it on that day, simply pre-order you cards and you’ll be ensured not to miss this special game. See you in the chat rooms!

$100,000 Coverall minimum $15,000 Game

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Gary Beal

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