Why are people playing bingo online?

More than three million people play bingo online in the UK now and this number increases year on year.  It is not just a UK trend but is indeed played all over the globe excluding those countries where online gaming is illegal.  So what are the reasons behind this increasing trend?  We have taken a closer look at this industry to uncover why more and more people are playing online bingo.

Bingo card.

Bingo card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the main reasons online bingo is becoming increasingly popular is the same reason that social networking sites and online shopping are increasingly popular and this is because they are convenient services that can be used in the comfort of the consumers own home.  People are becoming increasingly time poor thanks to working longer hours and the demands of running a family, therefore the online industry is booming.  By playing bingo online, the consumer does not have to spend the money to get to the bingo venue, arrange babysitters or even brave the British weather.  Online bingo is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week therefore can be played at the customers convenience.

Another reason why more people are playing bingo online is the variety of games on offer.  There are the more traditional 75 and 90 ball bingo games and there are two additional variations, the 30 and 80 ball games.  Once a customer has registered with a site they have access to all these different types of games and can mix and match depending on their skills and the prizes on offer.

A great incentive to register for bingo online, are the huge variety of rewards and prizes on offer.  Firstly there is an incentive to sign up in that companies offer to match a deposit by anything from 100% to 500%.  This is essentially free money to spend on their website!  Furthermore, the online company builds a profile of its typical customer and can therefore offer goods and services that suit that profile as potential prizes e.g. concert tickets, gadgets, holidays etc.  In fact, the highest ever cash prize awarded to an online bingo winner in the UK was £1.2million, therefore very tempting indeed!

By far and away however, the most popular reason people join online bingo is the sense of community they get from the chat rooms.  Existing members are encouraged to adopt new members and make them feel welcome and educate them on how to play the game effectively.  People build relationships and chat, socialise and make friends in these chat rooms.  The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the etiquette is to congratulate fellow members on their wins.

When you consider the reasons why people are increasingly turning to bingo online as a source of entertainment, you can’t help but think that they are onto something.  Free cash, exciting prizes and a social buzz from the comfort of your own home, it all sounds pretty tempting!

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