Who’s getting pranked today?

Hah, I’m getting flashbacks of my younger years when I used to laugh at some of the April Fool’s tricks I used to make. My friends and I once super glued coins to the sidewalk of a busy street and watched people’s expressions whilst trying to remove the coins from the ground. Simply hilarious! On that same day I still remember how I was April Fooled as well! I went to a friend’s house and whilst eating dessert she offered me an apple with a few gummy worms which looked absolutely real indeed!

April Fool's High/Low SpecialThis year CyberBingo is also up for a laugh. April Fool’s High/Low $500/$50 Games as Top of the Hour will start today, April 1st at 8PM ET in the Spring Room with cards sold at $1 each. You will have four opportunities to win $500, and if you win $50 instead, well sorry, you’ve been April Fooled 😛

Everyone’s going to share his/her own favourite funny moments so make it a point to come over and share yours. I will be joining CyberBingo‘s Spring Room to share my remaining long list of funny jokes and tricks as well. You can also be creative and prepare a few things to April Fool your bingo buddies. So, let’s see who’s getting pranked today… make sure it’s not you, my friend! 😉

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