When your card turns red…

Are you that one person to turn away from some of the best and exciting games around just because, “Oh, no Bingo’s fun but I just don’t play ‘cos I’m not a lucky person!”

Well, it’s quite surprising that a lot of players who played and won at CyberBingo.com said that they were the ones who never won a thing in their entire life. Take a closer look at our elite group of winners (which you can view from our site) and keep in mind that at CyberBingo, your card may turn red sooo unexpectedly! Enjoy 😉

“I still can’t believe this! If I can win anyone can. I have never been a big winner before; in fact I really never won much at all. I have always been the player that was thinking “How do they win all those games”? In fact many times I left the game because I felt I didn’t have a chance. Now I’m that player they are talking about, lol. I hope all the roomies get to experience the thrill of winning one of your Super Jackpots so they can see how I feel. I can’t describe how great it feels. I am so glad that Cyber sent me an e-mail saying I was missed and to come back. I will never leave again. I love the new stuff that’s been added and the roomies are the best! Thanks again.”  Sandy318

“Yahoo!! i cannot believe that I have won 10,000. I am still in shock over this. I never thought that I would even be lucky enough to win such a big jackpot. I have been playing with cyberbingo for a few years now and I still was just happy to have something to occupy my time. When i was waiting for my last three numbers i crossed my fingers and prayed to win. And like many others hit that bingo button 1,000 times. I woke up my husband and he could not believe it. I felt like screaming but could not because the kids were asleep. This could not have come at a better time for my family. I am expecting my 4th child anyday now. And we are currently looking for a bigger home. This has to be the best luck in my entire life and i feel really blessed. I will always remain a cyber bingo fan and player.” Melissa717

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Gary Beal

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