What to expect from April fool’s day and bingo this month

In the United States, April Fool’s Day is best known for the cheeky and light hearted pranks taking place in all corners of wherever you may be.  But this is a day which is famously well known not just in the US, but also in most other parts of the world.

April Fool’s Day is celebrated in many cultures across the globe – but how do people outside the US actually celebrate this tradition?

For starters, there are various interpretations which explain the origins and traditions of April Fool’s Day.  Most cultures that celebrate the first of April do so in the same way people in the US do – basically by the only thing you can do on this day.  Be foolish 🙂

Let’s take a look at how some countries actually celebrate April Fool’s Day;

A common tradition in France on this day involves children pinning a paper fish to the backs of unwitting friends.   Hmmm!

In Scotland, this traditional day is known as Gowkie Day, which makes reference to the gowk which means ‘cuckoo’ in American English!  Similarly to how it is practiced in France, is the pinning of ‘Kick Me’ signs to the backs of friends!  This one sounds a little bit more painful for the one receiving the kick!

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