What is the real cost of playing bingo online?

Thanks to the impact of the global recession facing our economy, more and more people are turning to indoor activities as a means of entertainment.  This has led to an increasing trend for online gaming, specifically bingo online.  This game was traditionally associated with pensioners gathering at the local church hall, however nowadays thanks to the introduction of online bingo, this game has become a family favourite.  So what are the real costs associated with playing this game and should we be encouraging people to participate in online gaming?  To answer this question, we have looked into the cost implications of signing up to and playing online bingo.

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If you search for online bingo sites on the internet, you will be inundated with sites which are all vying for your custom.  In business when a market is saturated, competitors usually lower their prices and use promotional tactics to persuade you to purchase their products and services over their competitors.  This is indeed the case for the online bingo industry which means that you as a customer are in a great position to take advantage of the many offers they have to offer.

Firstly, registering for bingo online is free on several sites.  A good reason for this from a business perspective is that by completing the registration form, you are providing them with priceless marketing information i.e. your name, address, age etc.  They can use this to build a profile of you and can consequently continue to market to you in the future using this information. Therefore take advantage of this and choose a site which is zero cost for registration.

Many sites offer ‘free bingo’ which means that once you have signed up, the company will deposit an amount of cash into your deposit account.  Popular deposit accounts are Paypal, Ukash or Neteller.  This essentially means that you are given a free sum of money to begin playing online bingo.  This sum of money can be anything up to £30.

Another excellent type of offer is a ‘deposit bonus.’  This means that the online company will match the amount of money you initially deposit by a certain per cent.  These percentages range between 100% and 500%, therefore if you choose a 500% offer and make a deposit of £100, you will actually have a total of £500 in your deposit account!

Coupled with all of this is the added bonus of prizes on offer for playing the online bingo games.  Prizes tend to reflect the profile of a typical customer therefore cruises, concert tickets, cash sums, products and gadgets are all popular types of prizes aimed at either males or females.

To answer the question, what is the cost of playing bingo online, as long as you are savvy at selecting a provider with no registration fee and good deposit bonuses, you can achieve real longevity in the game for very little outlay indeed.  Furthermore, with a little bit of luck and skill, there are unlimited luxury goods, cash prizes, holidays etc, just waiting to be won.  Therefore playing online bingo could prove to be a very lucrative investment indeed.

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