We’re Still Awarding Players!

Hello buddies, 11 days to go to end this 8th month – August – of this amazing year as a CyberBingo player!

By now, you have heard of our amazing promotion that is on going as from the 1st of August up till the end of the same month, i.e 11 days to go! All you need to do is come on over and play your favourite bingo games, and we’ll add a prize if you are 1 of our 5 most bingo players that plays most during that particular day.

We have still 325,000 LPs that will be awarded out of the total 1,000,000 we will award during August. In fact, every winner between Monday and Friday will earn 5,000LPS and the winners during Saturdays and Sundays will earn 10,000LPs.

Join us at CyberBingo, play your favourite bingo game and enjoy your exclusive treats. See you around buddies :D.

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Gary Beal

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