We don’t stop the party!

Hey buddies, hope everyone is fine after these Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Hope you enjoyed every second of it :).

Most probably, everyone will be looking to cut off his expenses in January. Stop the partying mode and do your best to lose those kilograms you gained during this festive season. However, sales in England cannot be missed, go out there and buy some clothes, accessories or whatever you are in need..

Whilst everyone will be looking for this New Year with a fresh new start, we want to build on last year’s achievements. Our amazing promotions didn’t let you down and ensured great winnings were won by our players.

Add taste to the start of 2012, log into your account and play your favourite bingo game in one of our rooms whilst having a chat with your best friends cause the party is still going at CyberBingo. Cya around folks and take care 🙂

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