Watch how high the progressive jackpots climb

At Cyber Bingo, we have some very exciting progressive jackpots. These reach some truly staggering amounts. For instance, our 75 ball progressive jackpot is called Diamonds are Forever. Currently, this stands at over £1000. To scoop it, you just have to bingo on the diamonds pattern within 35 calls or less, and the jackpot is yours. When a player scoops the jackpot, it will start at £500 again.

Also, you are invited to join Cyber Bingo for their House Party. If you bingo on the full house within 40 calls or less, you will win the progressive jackpot. This reaches some truly silly totals, and it really does make playing Internet bingo far more exciting.

If you fancy trying your luck against the numbers, and chasing your very own progressive jackpot, then register at Cyber Bingo today. There is a £30 free bingo bonus waiting for you plus a  £1 no deposit bonus. Yes, you can join Cyber Bingo, and play FREE, without dipping your hand in your pocket.

There is a full timetable of games in the Cyber Bingo lobby, and you are never more than minutes away from an exciting bingo game. Good luck in chasing those progressive jackpots — they are won on a regular basis, so fingers crossed you become the next big winner.

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Gary Beal

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