Wanna visit Disneyworld Florida?

Disneyworld Florida ? Yeah right.. Is it one of your dreams to visit Florida? Definitely I would love to and I’ve been dreaming it for a while :)! Believe it or not you can go to Florida thanks to CyberBingo!

We are very looking forward to give away our incredible holiday to Disneyworld Florida and ensure your dreams come true thanks to us! Can you image a 7 day all-inclusive family holiday? It’s simply amazing..

The special game will be played on 31.8.2012 at 20.00 GMT in our BingOlympics Room.. Make sure you earn your free tickets.. How can you do so? Simple.. Bingo in our Mag Sensation Room every day at 22.00 and earn 3 free tickets. Another way how you can earn a free ticket is by depositing £50 in your CyberBingo account during this weekend (up to next Sunday :))

Definitely this ain’t a promotion you’re gonna miss.. Start earning your free tickets this weekend!!

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Gary Beal

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