Wanna join this month’s fun?

At CyberBingo you can enjoy truly the unique online bingo experience on your own and as a team. Haven’t you created your team for this month’s famous Team Bingo Tourney?

It’s rather easy to get started. Choose 3 of your bingo buddies and inform CyberBingo by e-mailing us on teambingo@bingomanager.net with you name and the name of your buddies and give your team a name.. View all the important details and rules by clicking here..

Make sure you create your team and give a good challenge to the golden girls that won this competition for the past three months. Well done girls.. Get into our fantastic Team Bingo Tourney, bingo as much as you can and celebrate the 1st place with 1,000,000 Lps!! Remember CyberBingo awards the first 10 teams from this Tourney with at least 40,000 LPs..

Make this month even more special and enjoy your Holidays in style with us. Cya buddies 🙂


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