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The Cyber Bingo Blogger is so pleased to work for Cyber Bingo.  That’s because Cyber Bingo is a truly global bingo site, and since 1996, over 1 billion games have been played.  Now that is some statistic.

I take great pleasure introducing my friends, family and acquaintances to the wonderful world of online bingo, but one thing that surprises them the most, is the fact that they don’t just need to play bingo at Cyber Bingo.  There is a whole variety of slot games, scratchcards, fruit machines, and video poker — we have a constant changing variety of some of the world’s best games, waiting to be played.

And here’s a piece of inside information for you.  Make sure you set your bingo game to automatic, and have a dabble on the side games — this can drastically increase your chances of winning, plus it’s loads more fun as well.

Register at Cyber Internet Bingo today for your £30 free internet bingo bonus when you deposit a tenner, and for access to the very best in 75 ball and 90 ball bingo.  There’s a whole new world of gaming which you didn’t know existed — I look forward to introducing you to it.

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