Thunderbolt and lightning very very wonderful

What is it with all of this terrible weather at the moment? The Cyber Bingo Blogger doesn’t dare step outside without an umbrella … or a bikini! My least favourite type of weather is thunder and lightning. Whenever that appears, I turn into a big coward and hide under the bed. That is because when I was young girl, we had a tall tree outside which got struck by lightning several times. And because of this, I am fully aware that lightning can strike twice. And one place it has definitely done that is at Cyber Bingo.

Introducing twice lucky roomie It’sMeAgain. You can see her in the Cyber Bingo lobby — she won a jackpot of £5383 and has made a YouTube video to thank everybody at Cyber Internet bingo. But just imagine — she has actually won that huge progressive jackpot TWICE, once again proving that lightning can strike more than once.

If you fancy testing your luck against the towering Cyber Bingo progress jackpots, register today, claim your free £30 and buy some bingo tickets. With 75 ball and 90 ball bingo plus a whole host of fabulous instant games, that next big win may just be around the corner. Now if you don’t mind, there are black clouds on the horizon and I need to assume the position under my bed.

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Gary Beal

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