Three winners in every exciting game

If you are new to the world of Internet bingo — WELCOME! I’m the Cyber Bingo Blogger, and I here I am to explain how 90 ball bingo works.

There are three winners in every game — one line, two lines, and the Full House. The first player who completes one horizontal line wins one line, the second to complete two lines winz two lines, and if you manage to mark off all three, you get the Full House! This is really what you are aiming for, and you get the chance to shout BINGO and hopefully, be a big winner!

When you play Cyber Internet Bingo, your numbers are marked off automatically, so you can go and have a spin on the slot games, or chat in the chat room without missing a call. Of course, you don’t have to set your games to automatic — you can do it yourself. However, if you DO happen to miss a number, our software is very clever and it will catch up for you.

So join Cyber Internet Bingo today for your £30 free bingo bonus and to discover the thrills of three winners in every game with 90 ball bingo. Stay tuned next week for how to play 75 ball bingo.

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Gary Beal

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