This is what I call a Happy Ending

That heat wave which hit CyberBingo from August 8th till August 22nd was surely a pleasant one for all CyberBingo players! These 2 weeks were full of wonderful adventures and unique experiences especially to all those slots lovers who participated in The Blazing Summer Tourney.

10 Players have successfully made it up to The Top 10 List to win the most on five selected slots and as a reward, they received up to $1,000 in cash. Amongst this huge list, we’re pleased to announce and congratulate the following CyberBingo Players who have made it this far:

2nd Place


$750 Cash

3rd Place


$500 Cash

4th Place


$250 Cash

5th Place


$150 Cash

6th Place


$100 Credits

(Please click here to view the full Top 10 List)

The CyberBingo Team would like to thank all players for participating, and is looking forward to award more with some amazing prizes. We wish you all the best of luck!

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Gary Beal

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