They’re bigger than a prizewinning pumpkin you know

The Cyber Bingo Blogger loves Halloween — in fact, it is my favourite night of the year.  You may not know this, but I am a keen gardener, and I take pride in growing enormous pumpkins, which I carve into petrifying jack-o’-lanterns.

This year, I have dug one out of my garden that is so big, it needed a wheelbarrow to move it.  As I was trying to manhandle it out of the wheelbarrow, onto the kitchen work surface, I managed to drop it, shattering three floor tiles and narrowly missing my black cat, Lucky.

I thought my pumpkin was enormous, but it was utterly dwarfed by the size of the Halloween jackpots at Cyber Bingo.  Play Internet bingo at Cyber any day in October, between 6 PM and 9 PM, for three hours of non-stop, £5000 full house bingo.  Tickets only cost 35P, and the top of every hour starts with a £10 free game.

There is also Halloween arcade and casino tournament on the Halloween themed slots — if you win here, Cyber Bingo will double your winnings.

So, enjoy Halloween at — I can’t wait.  And I’ll be sure to post some pictures of my whopping pumpkin too.

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