The secret is in the stirring

Sunday! A day of rest and…Internet bingo. The Cyber Bingo Blogger already has a roast in the oven, what will you be munching today?

To be fair, I absolutely love cooking, so I am going to share my secret gravy recipe with you. After all, gravy is possibly the most important part of a Sunday roast!

Once I have cooked the joint I remove it from the pan and start to simmer the juices that are left. I throw in a cheeky bit of wine or broth, scraping up the pieces from the bottom of the pan. I then let this cook down and thicken on its own. To give it extra flavour and a glossy look, I put in a knob of butter.

And it really is that simple — who needs granules!

When I have finished cooking my roast dinner and eating it, I leave it to the kids to wash up. And then I can go and enjoy my favourite Internet bingo action at Cyber. Although, I have been known to fall asleep while I play because I stuffed myself so silly. (Don’t tell the CMs!)

I must say, it’s a good job that Cyber Bingo has an auto play mode which means I never need miss a number again.

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Gary Beal

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