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Have you seen it yet? The brand-new Cyber Bingazette? Not only is it a very pleasing word to say, it’s a pleasing thing to read. It’s packed with chances to win loads of free cash, just for doing what comes naturally — playing bingo and slots!

Coming up in October is our Thank God it’s Friday game. This is taking place on October 15 and tickets are available right now. For the price of 5p, you could be winning a lucky £777 jackpot.

What’s your star sign? I’m a Libran — this means I should be well balanced, but it doesn’t explain why I staggered into a gutter last night – it was possibly the high heels! But if you bingo on the star signs this weekend at Cyber Bingo, you could be winning £88 every hour.

There is also a Quick Quiz taking place this weekend. Answer correctly to win £10. Here is your question — every star sign has an element associated with it — what is the element of Scorpio? Send us the answer and the cash could be yours.

So, that’s a weekend of brilliant Internet bingo action lined up — register at Cyber Bingo today for your free £ 1 and to come and join the fun.

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Gary Beal

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