The History Of Bingo And Bingo Tips

The History Of Bingo And Some Tips

Yelling “Bingo” at a church social or in a VFW hall gives most people a wave of excitement as we find that we’ve won a game of this age old sport that dates clear back to the 16th century. But when did it come to the U.S. and why is this game so popular?

How did Bingo got started in the U.S?

Bingo actually derives its roots from a game invented by Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toy salesman who invented a similar game called Beano. When Lowe introduced the game of Beano to his friends, the story goes that one player got so thrilled, she yelled “Bingo,” and that’s exactly what was called since that time.

Bingo became popular within the U.S. throughout the 20th century, and was quickly

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adopted by churches and other clubs because it did wonders for fund raising. Players would purchase a Bingo card or two and win a prize or money if they matched a row of numbers called out by the Bingo caller.

U.S. Rules of Bingo

Bingo is a fun game just to play and can be played by people of all ages. Bingo isn’t hard to play. Each card contains 25 little boxes in five rows of five and at the top of the card is the word BINGO, with a letter for each of the top five boxes. Under the letters are random numbers and there is a free space box in the center of the card. It’s said that there are more than 9,000 possible combinations of numbers, so no two cards are identical.

Then, throughout the game, a caller spins a wheel full of little Bingo balls with numbers written on them. He then reads off the number and if your card has it, then you mark it off. The instant you have the proper pattern of numbers marked off that win the game, you are expected to yell out, “BINGO!” and you are declared the winner if your card has got the proper numbers marked.

Playing Bingo Tips

Playing Bingo can be very fast paced and here are several useful tips and hints on how to do a better job playing this fun game:

Sit Near the Bingo Caller – Sitting nearby where the numbers are being called can help so that you can hear him straight away and never miss a single chance at matching a number and completing a winning Bingo pattern.

You can disregard the numbers written on the left side of a square – This saves time, for example, if the caller yells B12, then you should look for twos first then check to see if the other number is there afterwards.

Look closely at your card for any patterns – In the heat of the moment you may not see a winning Bingo, so be sure to watch carefully for the right pattern that could win the game.

Pre-mark spaces you don’t need – If the winning pattern is a special kind, then you can pre-mark all the spaces you are sure that won’t be used in a different color than the ones that can win.

Don’t play way too many cards at the same time – One other essential hint would be to not get greedy and try to play a lot of cards at the same time. This may only make it so you could miss a winning number and lose the game.T

All in all, Bingo is a very fun game that will not simply be played as a fund raiser, but may be played at your house as a great way to socialize with your friends.

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