The Cyber Bingo Weekend Gazette Is Here

The Cyber Weekend Gazette is out! It’s all the weekend reading you will ever need, and is packed full of chances for you to win lots of lovely cash.

In Thank God it’s Friday, you could be winning a lucky £777 jackpot. Buy tickets for this game which is taking place on October 15. Tickets only cost 5p — bargain!

Bingo on the star signs to win £88 every hour — this is taking place between Friday and Sunday in the mid-evening. Tickets are only 20p.

Feeling lucky, punk? Then you could be winning £77 on the Lucky 7 instant game. Not only do you stand the chance of winning lots of cash the traditional way, but the top seven players will win £77 each.

And, in the Cyber Internet Bingo Quick Quiz, you could win £10 the easy way. Question — every zodiac sign has an element associated with it. What is Scorpio’s element? E-mail your answer to Cyber, and you could be randomly selected to win £10.

Join Cyber Bingo today for your £1 no deposit bonus and to play internet bingo of the 75 ball and 90 ball variety. Who needs News of the World? The Cyber Bingo Gazette is out — happy reading!

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Gary Beal

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