The Cyber Bingo Blogger wants to know are you a cat lover or a dog lover

This question is always guaranteed to spark a healthy debate, and divides the nation in two.

Personally, I am a cat person – I find them so much silkier and mysterious than dogs.  However, I can be partial to dogs as well — but I’m not too sure about having to take them out for a walk on cold, wintry evenings.  I can just throw my cat out the door and forget about her for the night.

But, when has answering this question ever won you a free tenner?
Cyber Bingo, your favourite Internet bingo site, are currently in the process of developing a new arcade game, and we need your help.

Just answer three simple questions about cats and dogs, e-mail the answer to the manager of Cyber Bingo, and you will find a £10 free bingo bonus in your account straight away.

The questions are — do you prefer cats, dogs, or do you like them both?  What is your favourite breed of cat, and what is your favourite breed of dog?

For details, go to the promotions tab in the Cyber Bingo lobby, where you can take part in this exciting survey for yourself.

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