The cinchy way to get some dosh

Friends are the ones who help us out when in need, and… they may also be the ones helping YOU out with loading your CyberBingo Account with more funds as well!

So when you’re calling your friends, do not forget to mention some of the great times we have at this fun-tastic online bingo site. If they’re interested to join, just remind them to insert your Alias before registering, so that we will automatically credit your account with $25 as soon as your friend makes his/her first deposit.

You can also send an email to your friends, which we already prepared for you! Simply insert your buddies’ names and email addresses in the form here and leave the rest to us! – It’s quite an easy way to get some extra cash right?

…and by the way, your friends will also get their treat! A 500% Welcome Bonus will be given to all your friends making their first deposit of any amount.

See you in the chat rooms 😉

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Gary Beal

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