The Casino Tourney at CyberBingo

At CyberBingo we ensure that we keep all our Casino players entertained with a weekly Tournament that they cannot miss out on! The tourney will run from Monday to Sunday each week :D..

No need of any registration! Just play in our slots, super slots, video poker, instant games or table games and you will automatically enter our Weekly Casino Tourney. So do your best to win as much as you can and you’ll be up for a massive reward!

Every time you win in our casino it will add up to your weekly winnings. We will award our Top 5 players each week! These are the 5 prizes that we will award to our winning players:

  • 1st prize £100 Cash
  • 2nd prize £75 Cash
  • 3rd prize £50 Cash
  • 4th prize 25000 LPS
  • 5th prize 10000 LPS

Our winners will be e-mailed the following Monday morning! See you in our casino buddies :D.

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