Thank goodness it’s Thursday

The weekend is getting nearer and I already made plans for tomorrow night, which I’m actually very looking forward to!

One thing, from the never-ending long list of what I like the most about CyberBingo, is that I don’t have to waste some precious time from my life staring in front of my wardrobe trying to decide what to wear! I can just do the thing I love the most, that is bingo of course, with anything I feel like wearing, even if it’s pyjamas!

So… my plans? Hmmm, a Fresh Music Fridays Tournament is being held every Friday from 8PM ET in CyberBingo’s Tourney Room, which I attend every week. It’s so fun! I also get to play a FREE $1,000 Guaranteed Game at 11PM ET.

Why don’t you come over with me? We’ll dance the night away and I’m sure you’ll love it so much you will keep on coming over and over again, just like I did! Don’t be late… you don’t want to miss any single bit of it! See you in the Tourney Room 😉

Fresh Music Fridays Tournament

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Gary Beal

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