Superstitious much?

Friday the 13th is said to be an unlucky day, however with some help, motivation and a few tips, you can easily turn it all around and make this day your super lucky day!

If you’re superstitious I’m sure you know that handling a broom is said to bring bad luck, so forget about cleaning as this may be the perfect excuse to just relax and enjoy your day. You can also wear your lucky charm all day long if you prefer.

Try and think positive! Research has shown that people who believe in bad luck tend to bring it on. Just put aside bad moods and arguments and go for nice thoughts and positive outcomes. Also, remind yourself of all the people and opportunities which makes you feel lucky in your life.

Test your luck by playing some bingo or casino games at CyberBingo or buying a lottery ticket. Today may also be a good day to apply for a new job or try something different in life. You never know when luck might strike you!

It was also found out that believing in superstitions may be a way of avoiding taking action for your possible failings. This day is a day like no other so instead of blaming bad luck as the cause, just stand up, take responsibility and find ways to solve your issues.

Enjoy your day!

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