Sunshine makes happy chat rooms

Holy moly, holy cow! Is that the sun shining outside? Yes, it appears it is, and the Cyber Bingo Blogger has spent the whole day out in the garden mowing the lawn and catching some rays (wearing sunblock of course).

There’s no doubt about it, whenever you play Internet bingo and head to the chat rooms, it really does capture the mood of the nation. If the weather is good, the banter is fabulous in the chat rooms — everybody is in a happy sunshine mood and you can’t quite beat it. Similarly, if it’s tipping it down outside, you will find good company because everybody in
Britain loves to moan about the weather, don’t we?

However, one thing you will never moan about at Cyber Bingo is the £100 guaranteed jackpot that takes place every single day. Fo just 10p a card, you can win a whopping £100 and games take place every evening at 8:45 PM. And one thing that you certainly must NEVER moan about, are the three £1 million coverall jackpots that take place at Cyber Bingo every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Happy days!

So, no matter what the weather is doing outside, there is always a warm welcome at Cyber Bingo — join today for your £30 free bonus. And fingers crossed we won’t be needing an umbrella soon!

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Gary Beal

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