Summer is the perfect time to win prizes

Hooray! Summer is here and it’s a brilliant time to get into Internet bingo. Indeed, Internet bingo really is a wonderful game to play, especially if you like to win prizes and competitions. That’s because it’s not just money that bingo sites giveaway. You can win anything from an ipad to a luxury holiday abroad, if you know where to look. And the secret is to check under the PROMOTIONS tab in the lobby before you start to play.

This is the key to successful gaming — before you sign at any Internet bingo site, have a peek in the lobby and see what signup bonuses are and what competitions there are as well. Think of it like doing fun home work!

One place where you will stay find exciting prizes and promotions is Cyber Bingo. The first one you get is a £30 bonus that comes your way when you deposit £10. We have a huge variety of ever changing promotions in our lobby at the moment and you could even win a cruise to Alaska. We have free bingo offers, kitchen gadgets and lots more besides, which is what makes Cyber Bingo so popular with so many players. Play today and discover a whole new world of winning.

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Gary Beal

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