St. Patrick’s Bingo Weekend

We’re gonna party all through the weekend not just on St. Patrick’s Day this year!¬†Join us for St. Patrick’s Bingo Weekend from Friday March 16th till Sunday March 18th.

We will be playing several St. Patrick’s $170 Maximum $1,170 Games between 8PM and 12AM ET in our Spring Room. These will have a starting pot of $170 up to the 44th call which will increase to up to $1,170 on the 60th call.

There’s no need to try and search for pots of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow this year, because we’re gonna have plenty of real ones right here at CyberBingo! Enjoy!

St. Patrick's Bingo Weekend

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Gary Beal

2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Bingo Weekend

  1. Now that i know what all bingo names you have for you site, can i please come back and play?I will only use the one site, if you could please remind me of the names that belong to your company.My name was badtothebone.

    • Hey badtothebone

      You can go ahead and play on at any time you desire! If you forgot your password just click here in order to be able to create a new one.

      We hope to see you in our Spring Room for our St. Patrick’s Bingo Weekend!


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