St Paddy Up Next :)

Hi there! Are you ready for St Patrick’s Day? The day where the Irish will definitely celebrate with Parades and some few pints of beer!!

Did you finish your plans on what you’re doing tomorrow ? I’ve done mine :).. Logging in my CyberBingo I found out that I can benefit from up to 100% Deposit Bonus up till tomorrow, just cause it’s St Patrick’s Weekend!!

Then, I’ve pre-ordered my tickets for the Big Game that will played tomorrow at 8 PM and try to win some cash in our £777 Lucky Stars Game in our Specials Room.

Plan St Paddy’s weekend at CyberBingo like I did and then you can enjoy a few pints of beer or a good meal with your mates this St Patrick’s. Ensure that this St Patrick’s Day and weekend will be one you’ll remember!! 🙂

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Gary Beal

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