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Christmas…The New Year…January…All seem like a distant memory now.  We’re moving on to February and despite being a month which is unfairly unappreciated by some, well…we do need to start appreciating this month of February just a little bit more.  For starters, it’s the month of chocolate and romance…And that’s something.

Speaking of romance, do you vaguely remember your first crush?  maybe your first meaningful kiss?  Those nervous encounters and those long romantic walks?  Oh sweet old memories!                    CBValentineballons4_0001

Now that I happen to mention this, I will be looking forward to the ‘Sweetest Memory’ Facebook Contest which is on from the February 2nd to February 14th.  Basically players will share their sweetest personal memory and we will act as cupid to decide who’s sweetest memory is the most romantic.  The best three memories will be classified into first, second and third place with absolutely fantastic gift card prizes to be won.

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