Special Days Coming up…

At CyberBingo, we are going to kick star June with some special bingo games and prizes as well as offering some huge Reload Bonuses to our players :D.

We are going to celebrate the 60 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and awarding £4,500 in jackpots. Join us in the Jubilee Bash Room and get ready to play £60 Guaranteed Jackpot Games every hour for the first 6 days in June! Come on over and purchase your tickets at just 6p!!

To add taste to your first days in June, we are going to offer some amazing Reload Bonuses too! Our Gold and Platinum players will benefit from a 100% Bonus on every deposit they make. On the other hand, our Bronze and Silver players will get an 80% Bonus on all their deposits!! This offer is valid until the 6th of June.

You can’t start off this month in a better place to enjoy some special Bingo games and prizes! Join the fun at CyberBingo :D.

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Gary Beal

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