Something more exciting than News of the World

If you are anything like me, you will have been glued to the incredible news stories about Rupert Murdoch, phone hacking and the demise of the News of the World newspaper. So now that the nation’s most popular weekend read has disappeared, what on earth can we do to fill it place?

Simple! Join Cyber Bingo and check out our Weekend Gazette. You won’t find it full of gossip and celebrities getting out of cabs with their knickers showing, however. What you will find is loads of opportunities to win huge amounts of cash, kitchen gadgets, and Internet bingo specials. It’s the only reading you will ever need, and it is published every Friday.

Once you become a member at Cyber Bingo, you will be on our mailing list so you will receive the Gazette automatically as an e-mail. Does it get any better? Yes it does. When you register at Cyber Bingo, you automatically join our loyalty scheme and receive £ 1 in your account by way of a free gift. So come and join Cyber Bingo today and spend a weekend with your nose in the best reading there is — the Cyber Bingo Gazette.

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Gary Beal

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