Someone special is waiting under the mistletoe

What on earth does one do with oneself in this interim time between Christmas and New Year?  The answer is easy — play Internet bingo at Cyber.  We have been around since 1996, which makes us the oldest online bingo site of all time.

  And take it from me — the Cyber Bingo Blogger, we really know how to put on a special New Year’s spread.  In fact, you need to be at Cyber Bingo on New Year’s Eve for the the countdown to a £2010 full house.  The party starts at 8 PM GMT in the New Year’s Bingo Room and the chat moderators will be dishing out double bonus points in the chat  games.

And then, at 11 PM, just before we say goodbye to 2010, the big £2010 game plays.  Tickets only cost 35p and are available to prebuy right now.  If you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo yet, we have a treat you.  Look at it as a late Christmas present — deposit a tenner, and Cyber Bingo will match it by £30. 

Hooray!  Are you getting in the party mood?  Are you getting ready to get down with Cyber Bingo?  In that case, I will see you in the chat room on New Year’s Eve.  Look out for me — I will be wearing my little black dress, and waiting under the mistletoe.

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