So many exciting reasons to play

It’s reassuring to know when you play Internet bingo, that you could win a little bit of money. The Cyber Bingo Blogger is aware of this, which is why I love to play every single day at Cyber Bingo. Every day of the week, you can win a £100 guaranteed jackpot — buy your cards now and get your eyes down at 8:45 PM.

Another great reason why I love Cyber Bingo — it’s happy hour every Monday! Unfortunately, it’s not the kind with cheap cocktails, but it does mean you can play for double loyalty points in all of our chat games between 4 PM and 6 PM. Isn’t that nice?

It’s also lovely to know that Cyber Bingo have got an outstanding loyalty reward program. The more you play, the more bingo points you earn, and you even get points every time you refer a friend.

Life is amazing at Cyber Bingo, and if you haven’t played it yet, please join in today. There is a £30 bonus waiting for you when you register, and then you are welcome to participate in one of the most fabulous and active, not to mention VIBRANT communities of Internet bingo anywhere in the world.

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Gary Beal

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