So, how do I get my winning prize?

First of all, Congratulations for winning at CyberBingo! I told you that your turn will come very soon, and here you are now with a massive prize in hand 😉

The amount of your winnings is entered into your account immediately following a confirmed ‘Bingo’, so you can make a payout request for any amount, not exceeding your available balance of course, whenever you wish.

After requesting a payout, it will subsequently be confirmed, approved, processed and then sent to you by whichever method you select as quickly as possible. It’s important to note that CyberBingo processes all payout requests every Tuesday and Friday.

For security purposes, all payouts exceeding $5,000 must be accompanied by a valid photo identification having the same address listed on your profile.

And that is it! I bet you’ve got some shopping to do now, don’t you? See you at CyberBingo!

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Gary Beal

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