Seven night Cruise is on the Cards

Oh wow! There is some very big news on the cards at Cyber Bingo. In fact, the Cyber Bingo Blogger recommends you hold onto your seat while I tell you this. We are giving away a sensational £20,000 worth of prizes … the top one being a seven night cruise to Alaska, with £2000 spending cash. Join  Cyber Bingo for a 75-25 Swedish Bingo coverall game taking place on August 6. Okay, so the game is a while away yet, but it’s good news because it means you can be picking up free tickets to play the game.

There are lots of fun ways to pick up tickets — for instance, bingo on the ship pattern to earn 20 points, wager cash on instant games and bingo to pick up even more points, and get even more free bingo points when you prepurchase tickets.

Top prize is that incredible cruise, cover four lines to win £4000, three lines to win £3000, two lines to win £2000, and cover one mind to win £1000. Isn’t that exciting? The Cyber Bingo Blogger is over the moon about it, and I thought I would be the first person to tell you. Register at Cyber Bingo today to play Internet bingo at its finest and to start earning free tickets for one of the biggest prizes in Internet bingo history.

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Gary Beal

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