Seaside Tips from an Expert

Ah, the great British seaside. When was the last time you took the kids to the beach? The Cyber Bingo Blogger had a lovely day out at the weekend, I have discovered it’s the perfect way to spend the school holidays. With that in mind, here are a few of my tips to make your day out at the beach even better:

Pack a lunch! Seaside snacks are notoriously unhealthy and expensive! Of course, the occasional candyfloss is okay, but unless you want to be paying £3 for a hotdog, a picnic is best.

Don’t forget suntan lotion. Even on grey days, that UV count can be high. And, if you have little ones, make sure they are covered up with hats and shirts.

Take some change for the penny arcades, because these are the ideal way to pass the day, especially if it rains.

And, my main tip for going anywhere near the seaside is to PACK AN UMBRELLA! The weather can change at a moment’s notice. You have been warned.

And when you come home and get the kids to bed (after all, that seaside air really tires them out) settle down and have a fabulous game of Internet bingo. The perfect end to a lovely day.

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Gary Beal

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