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As you very well know, CyberBingo’s chat hosts are huge bingo fanatics, but they also have their own personal life with different lifestyles and hobbies. Let me introduce you to a couple of our amazing CMs.

CM MelissaCM Melissa: “Hi, where to begin? I’m Melissa but also known around as Melly, Mel, Smelly, Missy…the list goes on and on lol. I’ve been with CyberBingo since 2004; I’ve worked in and out of chat. Some of you may remember me and some of you may not, who are we kidding, I’m like a bad disease; you just can’t get rid of me!!! I’ve got 4 kids, a girl and a boy who keep me busy and insane and my 2 furry kids, Brody and Bella they are Yorkies. I enjoy being around the roomies and look forward to having a lot of fun and laughing in chat with you.

CM DeeCM Dee: “Hi Roomies my name is Dee and I reside in KY (though only temporarily I hope). I’m originally from NJ and miss it terribly. I’m married to a sometimes sweet man named Mike. I have 2 wonderful grown sons (Zac and Jed) and 2 beautiful grandchildren (Genesis and Zac). But the ones who have the biggest piece of my heart are my 2 golden retrievers (Kenny and Mookie). My interests as most of you know are bowling and football. I bowl on a league with hubby and son Jed. Jed has been close to a 300 a couple of times (298 and 299). As far as football goes, I am probably the biggest NY Jet fan you would ever meet. I love my roomies and enjoy spending time with them daily. I consider them my extended family. In closing, I would like to add one thing…… J E T S jets jets jets!”

CyberBingo CMs and bingo roomies are excitingly waiting to meet new amazing friends like you and have a laugh in the chat rooms. If you haven’t registered yet you can do so very easily and enjoy a massive 500% welcome bonus on your first deposit. You can also vote for your favorite chat host here.

I’m also very looking forward to see you at CyberBingo. Don’t worry, you will definitely feel at home because hey, after all, we’re all tarred with the same brush… CyberBingo fans is what we all are. See you in the chat rooms 😉

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