Saturday nights alright for winning 500 quid

You know when your pet dog gets so excited it runs around in circles chasing its tail? That is exactly what I get like every Saturday night when it comes to playing my favourite Internet bingo at Cyber. Get ready to play £500 guaranteed games coming your way this evening. They are playing in the VIP room at approximately 10:30 PM. Tickets only cost £1 so for just a quid, you could be winning 500 quid. Doesn’t that sound great? It’s a whole evening of fantastic games including starting £100 games and crazy £250 free games.

You really must come along and join us — if you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo, register and multiply your original £10 bonus to £30. What’s more, you can meet all of the fantastic Cyber Bingo roomies, earn even more free bingo dosh when you play the chat games, and meet our fantastic chat moderators. Why not set your Internet bingo games to automatic and go play the slots too? Doing this dramatically increases your chance of winning.

In fact, Cyber Bingo have everything to keep you a happy bunny on Saturday nights — especially that huge £500 hour. Can’t wait to see you in the chat room — sign today and come and say howdy ho!

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Gary Beal

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