Santa comes but once a year and so does this

Hooray!  It is on its way — the huge Cyber Bingo Christmas game is nearly upon us.  You excited?  Have you got all your Christmas shopping done?  Have you got your stockings defrosting and the turkey hanging on the wall?  The Cyber Bingo Blogger has and I am very excited as well.

 I’ve got all of my family coming and I can’t wait to see the looks on my little girls’ faces as they open dozens of pink plastic toys.  But this is what I’m really looking forward to — playing on Christmas Day at Cyber Bingo is a £1000 Guaranteed Game.  Tickets are being sold at Cyber Bingo for just 10p each — I advise you get there now and pre-buy as many as you can. 

It’s going to be such a wonderful evening.  Once the kids are in bed, the dishes done, the toys put away, fire up the laptop, and get ready to settle down to a wonderful evening playing Cyber Bingo.  And if you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo yet, you need to be.  The chat room is going to be full of so much Christmas cheer … and a few tipsy roomies no doubt … some fun!

So register at Cyber Bingo today for your £30 free bingo bonus, and to start snapping up those prebuys.  It’s going to be a winter wonderland of Internet bingo — whatever you do, don’t miss it.

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