Rub our magical lamp and CB Genie will appear

This month, CyberBingo’s Classic Room will transform into a magical world full of astonishing prizes.

The player to Bingo the most on our 15th Anniversary Special patterns throughout each week, will meet with CB Genie and ask him to grant his #1 wish which can be chosen from the wish list here below:

$1,000 in Cash

$1,000 in Cash credited to your CyberBingo Account

IPad 2

A Brand new Apple iPad 2 WIFI 16GB

$500 In Cash

$500 in Cash credited to your CyberBingo Account + $100 Bonus credited to 10 Roomies of your choice.

HP Netbook

Hewlett Packard Mini Net book PC

300% Bonus

300% Bonus on top of the regular funding bonus on every deposit you make for an entire weekend


LCD 42" TV

LCD 42″ TV

The 1st wish will be granted on Sunday June 12th to the Top Winner who Bingoed the most on our special patterns during Sunday June 15th till Saturday June 11th.

If you haven’t deposited yet, make sure you do as you too can get a chance to rub CyberBingo’s Genie Lamp! …and don’t forget that you will also get a massive 500% Welcome Bonus on your first deposit of any amount. See you!

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Gary Beal

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