Putting a Boot into Winter

The Cyber Bingo Blogger always had cold feet. I only wore my flip-flops three times this year, and I am already thinking about buying some winter boots. My old pair had holes in, so it’s time for me to buy some new ones.

When you are buying boots, there are lots of things you should consider. Although it sounds counterintuitive, you shouldn’t always buy the warmest you can find. If you get easily cold then a warm thick pair of boots is perfect. However, if you were doing lots of activity while you are outside, perhaps a boot that is not as warm would be right, because it will stop you from sweating, which in the end will keep your feet warmer.

Waterproof boots are essential in this soggy British climate, and make sure they have got good grips — nobody likes to slip over on icy surfaces.

Yes, it’s a little bit early to be thinking about winter boots, but my feet already feel like they are enclosed in blocks of ice. Still, cold weather is good news for me, because it means I can curl up and hide away from the world playing Internet bingo at Cyber. Bliss!

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Gary Beal

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