Please Light My Fire

The Cyber Bingo Blogger has just moved into a new house — well I say new, it’s actually very old, and there is an open fireplace. And guess what — I haven’t got a clue how to light a fire! If you have never lit a fire before, I’m going to teach you how. After all, I want all us Cyber Bingo roomies to be toasty and warm while we play Internet bingo.

First of all, you need to get a chimney sweep. He will stick his head up, and check whether it is safe. Very important! The first stage of lighting your fire is to place crumpled up newspaper in the grate. Top it off with kindling sticks, and then place the coal on top of that.

You then need to light up the paper in several places. Fingers crossed the fire should take hold and then, hopefully, you will have a nice warm fire! Make sure you save the cinders, which you can then use to cover the coal in future fires.

I must say, I am looking very forward to sitting in playing Internet bingo at Cyber in front of my roaring fire. With 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, huge free bingo bonuses, plus excellent chat games, Cyber Bingo should be more than enough to keep you warm this winter. But if it’s not, at least you know how to light a fire.

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Gary Beal

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